Emergency: Gaza under bombs

Our teams are on the ground in Gaza, providing care and food: your support is vital.

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The humanitarian situation in Gaza is alarming: 2.2 million people are in a state of emergency. Since the beginning of the crisis, our teams on the ground have been providing vital assistance. Your support is indispensable !


The war in Syria has plunged 15.3 million people into need. For 11 years, we have been fighting to provide vital assistance in Syrian refugee camps, where despair is all too common. Your support is crucial for them !


La guerre civile a poussé le Yémen dans une crise humanitaire terrible depuis près de 10 ans. La population, oubliée de tous, souffre de la faim et du manque d’accès à l’eau potable. Ils ont besoin de votre aide !

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Currently, we do not provide tax receipts. However, you can obtain a donation certificate by contacting us via email !

Our efforts span multiple countries, including France, Syria, Yemen, Palestine, Morocco, Guinea, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, and Somalia, where we have been conducting various projects for several years.

Yes, we have dedicated teams that work daily in the countries of intervention, particularly in Syria, Yemen, and Gaza, to provide our support and successfully carry out our projects.

We do not offer a child sponsorship program at the moment. However, we invite you to explore our website to discover different ways to support initiatives for children through our humanitarian projects.

Absolutely, we regularly launch projects for constructing wells and boreholes in the countries where we operate. Although there are no such projects currently underway, we invite you to stay connected for upcoming opportunities.