Zakat al Maal: The Pillar of Generosity

An act of faith, a global impact. Your Zakat al-Maal brings hope and support to the most vulnerable in Syria, Yemen, and Gaza.

"Take from their wealth a charity by which you purify them and bless them."

Sura 9, verse 103

Your Zakat al-Maal is essential for them...

GAZA+80% of the populationIn need



Votre Zakat Al Maal est intégralement reversée aux ayants droit

Vous vous demandez à qui verser votre Zakât Al Maal ? Depuis plus de 10 ans, nous nous engageons à reverser l’intégralité de votre Zakat al Maal aux ayant droit dans nos pays d’intervention, principalement à Gaza, au Yémen ou en Syrie.

We distribute it either in the form of food parcels or directly in cash depending on the countries and situations.

Your Zakat al-Maal is a breath of hope and relief for the most needy.

Grâce à vous, notre aide continue…

400 000Morts environs
in 10 years

400 000Morts environs
in 10 years

400 000Morts environs
in 10 years

Zakat al Maal: The Pillar of Generosity

Your Zakat al-Maal brings hope and support to the most vulnerable !

Zakat is one of the five pillars of Islam. It is an annual almsgiving required of Muslims. It serves to purify the believer's wealth by combating poverty worldwide.

It is obligatory for every Muslim who has reached puberty, is of sound mind, and whose wealth exceeds a minimum threshold (called "Nissab").

Pour l’année 2024, le montant du Nissâb est estimé à 4 750 €, soit l’équivalent de 85 grammes d’or, selon la majorité des écoles.

Once your wealth exceeds the Nissab (the minimum threshold of wealth). That's when you should pay your Zakat al-Maal. Many people take the new Hijri year as a reference date, which is based on the lunar calendar. Others opt for the month of Ramadan or the civil year (Gregorian calendar). 

Zakat al-Maal is calculated based on the assets you have owned for one year, regardless of financial transactions (inflows and outflows) made during the year.

The rate to apply for calculating Zakat is 2.5% for the lunar year or 2.579% for the solar year. Simply multiply the amount of assets subject to Zakat by 0.025 or by 0.02579 accordingly.

For example, if the value of your wealth during a lunar year is  €6,000 5000 euros.

Le montant de votre Zakat à payer est de 125 euros  (5000 x 0.025 = 125)

The properties subject to Zakat are those acquired within a year, whether it be:

  • Liquidity
  • Gold and silver not used for ornamental purposes
  • Shares, shares and investments
  • Investment properties and fixed assets
  • Business assets
  • Goods
  • Harvested land products
  • Animal breeding

When in doubt, consult experts in the field for precise answers.

Seven groups of people are eligible to receive Zakat:

"Charities are for the poor, the needy, those employed to administer the funds, those whose hearts have been recently reconciled to the truth, for freeing captives, those in debt, for the cause of Allah, and for the stranded traveler." (Quran, S.9 V.60)