Yemen: a forgotten humanitarian crisis

The situation in Yemen is one of the worst humanitarian crises in the world. They need your help.

Photo de Rouweida à l'hôpital au Yémen

In the war-torn streets of Yemen, Rouweyda, hit by a sniper's bullet while playing with her brother, was taken in and operated on by our team of doctors. Rouweyda has become the symbol of our mission to save lives in conflict zones.

Rouweyda | Lives in Yemen

Yemen key figures...

+18 Millionsof PEOPLE has no drinking water

+ 13,5 Millionspeople experiencing food insecurity

4 millionsDisplacedCross the country

Our actions in Yemen…

Since 2017, Caravanes Solidaires has been present alongside the Yemeni people, facing a critical situation: the humanitarian crisis in this country has been described as the most severe in the world by the UN.

We operate year-round in Yemen thanks to our local team and office on the ground.

We intervene in the most affected regions of Yemen, providing daily: 

Food aid
Medical care

Millions of children suffer from hunger, lack of access to clean water, and the violation of their fundamental rights. Your support, no matter how small, is of paramount importance to them. Every gesture counts enormously.

Together, we have the power to make a difference in the lives of war victims in Yemen. Join this mission of solidarity and hope. Your action today can transform lives.

Grâce à vous, notre aide continue…

400 000Morts environs
in 10 years

400 000Morts environs
in 10 years

400 000Morts environs
in 10 years

Your donation has the power to save their lives.

Join our fight for humanity.
Offer a better life to the most vulnerable in Yemen.

We intervene in several regions of Yemen most affected by the crisis, where humanitarian needs are most urgent: in the regions of Aden, Al Hudaydah, and Sanaa. Our actions aim to provide essential aid in these areas, in collaboration with local authorities, to address the critical needs of affected populations.

Absolutely! We manage the entire chain, from collection to distribution.
The expertise and commitment of our local teams are essential for providing effective support tailored to the needs of vulnerable individuals in Yemen.

Having an office in Yemen allows us to act quickly on the ground, facilitating the acquisition of visas and permits through our registration as a local NGO.

It also allows us to establish an organized structure with dedicated employees and volunteers, and to manage our finances transparently and legitimately through local bank accounts.

These elements are crucial for providing effective, organized, and transparent humanitarian aid in emergency situations or for long-term development projects.

Our organization works closely with local authorities in Yemen to optimize the impact of our humanitarian actions, to coordinate the distribution of relief, assess the most urgent needs, and ensure that our aid reaches affected populations effectively.

This collaboration allows us to better understand local realities, tailor our interventions accordingly, and maximize the effectiveness of our efforts to address the most pressing humanitarian needs.

We ensure the safety of our personnel and beneficiaries in Yemen through strict protocols and close coordination with local authorities.

Unfortunately, for obvious security reasons, we cannot allow volunteers to travel to the field in Yemen.

Our humanitarian workers who go to the field are experts in conflict zones. They are accustomed to the challenges and risks inherent in these hostile environments.

If you wish to support our work in Yemen, there are other ways to contribute, such as making a donation or sharing our projects.

Together, we can make a difference in the lives of the most vulnerable in Yemen.

We do not offer a child sponsorship program at the moment !