Life is fleeting. What legacy will we leave behind? What example will we set for our children? What impact do we want to have on our world? These are questions every human being should ask themselves. The drive to be of service to others is a constant motivation. Let us act so as not to remain mere bystanders. Saving one life is like saving all of humanity.

Cyrille Morcel I Directeur exécutif et fondateur

Our story, a little crazy

In 2013, faced with the tragic fate of Syrian children, Cyrille and Asmaa pose an essential question: how, in this whirlwind of despair, can we do our part?

At the time, very few organizations dared to venture into conflict zones. Cyrille and Asmaa took matters into their own hands. Working in crisis areas may seem crazy, but for them, it was a challenge to overcome.

Initially, there were few of us, today we are hundreds, driven by the same desire: to help, with complete integrity.

Photo des fondateurs de Caravanes Solidaires : Cyrille et Asmaa

The History, of Caravanes Solidaires

Our Values, Always with Us

No politics, no pressures. Just us, our principles, and the freedom to follow them.

Our strength lies in our freedom. We are not tied to any government or political agenda, domestic or foreign. Caravanes Solidaires acts according to its own principles. Thanks to you, we operate with complete independence. No imposed partners, just our conviction and your trust.

A victim is a victim. No color, no creed, just humanity.

For us, a victim is a victim, period. Nationality, religion, opinion, or gender do not matter. We are on the ground, acting with neutrality and impartiality. Everyone deserves our help, and we give it, without distinction.

Act quickly, act well: our daily quest for a decisive impact.

By managing the entire humanitarian chain without intermediaries, and with offices at the heart of countries in crisis, we ensure speed, efficiency, and transparency. We are always there, at the heart of the action, for better responsiveness and optimized aid.