Emergency: Gaza under bombs

Our teams are on the ground in Gaza, providing care and food: your support is vital.

Youssef, a victim of a bombing, lost his leg and left kidney. Surviving on a can of peas a day for seven people, his weight dropped to 35 kg. Thanks to your help, we can finally treat him.

Youssef | Lives in the Gaza Strip

Gaza key figures...

+ 35 000Victims SINCE

+ 79 000Injured since
octobre 2023

+85%+80% of the population

Our actions in Gaza…

Since 2018, we have been on the ground in Gaza, providing essential aid to the population. In recent months, facing the disastrous consequences of bombings, we have doubled our efforts to assist thousands of people, particularly through:

Distribution of water, meals, and food packages
Providing fuel to hospitals to ensure their operation
The delivery of aid containers from Egypt
The deployment of additional medical teams to hospitals

Thanks to our collaboration with international entities such as the World Health Organization (WHO) and the Egyptian National Alliance, we are able to operate effectively despite the restrictions and challenges in Gaza.

These collaborations enable us to implement concrete actions, whether directly from Gaza or by sending aid from abroad, including medical teams and containers of humanitarian aid.

By working closely with these organizations, we are able to overcome obstacles and provide crucial assistance where it is needed most.

Faced with an unprecedented humanitarian crisis, over 2 million people need your support. Act now: every contribution is crucial!

Since last October, we have been working tirelessly...

15 containershelp sent from

5 kitchensOpened since the beginning

2 teamsOf medical personnel a Al-kuwaiti hospital

Grâce à vous, notre aide continue…

400 000Morts environs
in 10 years

400 000Morts environs
in 10 years

400 000Morts environs
in 10 years

Your donation has the power to save their lives.

Join our fight for humanity. Help the people of Gaza now.

Yes, humanitarian aid reaches Gaza through the Rafah crossing from Egypt. However, the quantities allowed are very insufficient compared to the needs.

We deliver aid convoys to Gaza through an agreement with the Egyptian National Alliance, signed in October 2023.

Cet accord nous permet d’acheminer régulièrement de l’aide à Gaza. Ces conteneurs contiennent principalement de l’eau et des denrées alimentaires.

The delivery of aid to Gaza is subject to strict restrictions. We do not accept physical donations, only financial contributions. Purchases for Gaza are made in Egypt, from where we organize the delivery of aid.

Absolutely. Every donation received for a given cause is strictly used to support that same cause. Your contribution for Gaza, for example, is entirely allocated to our on-the-ground interventions to assist the distressed population.

In order to protect our teams, we are required to maintain the confidentiality of their exact location.

However, our strategy is to cover the entire territory of the Gaza Strip in order to be able to provide all necessary assistance to the population.

In Gaza, since 2018, we have been working with our trusted partner: the American organization Rahma Worldwide.

We work together to have a greater impact on the Palestinian population.

Thus, we transfer money to the United States through reliable and secure solutions, and then to official association accounts on the ground.

Like any human being, whether from a distance or on site, witnessing injured, mutilated, and deceased civilians is unbearable. When it involves children and babies, the trauma is even greater.

On-site, our team is regularly affected directly or indirectly by the current situation. Whether through the loss of a loved one or through the bombing of one of our facilities.

The deterioration of intervention conditions on the ground and the insecurity caused by numerous bombings do not prevent them from acting alongside the population; on the contrary.